fssai registration: Registration, Process, Documentation & Exceptions

Starting any food business in India requires the business owner to obtain the FSSAI registration except for petty food manufacturers like the hawker, temporary stallholder or for food distributed in religious and social gathering except a caterer.

fssai registration

There are three types of FSSAI licenses. The Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 regulates that all the following businesses need to register for the FSSAI license:-

  • State License – It is required to be procured by small and medium-sized manufacturers of food like dairy units, meat processing units, relabelled and repackers; storage units like cold/refrigerated unit; transporters with 100 vehicles or turnover up to 30 crores; retailers, marketers, distributors, suppliers and caterers with turnover up to 20 crores; 3 star hotels, restaurants with turnover up to 20 crores; Dhaba, boarding houses, banquets, home-based canteens, dabbawallas, permanent stallholder, food stalls, fish/meat/poultry with turnover of more than 12 lakh per annum. The State Government issues this license for units with operations in only a single state. The tenure for this license is between 1 to 5 years.                         
  • FSSAI Central License – It is required for importers, 100% Export Oriented Units, large food manufacturers and operators in Central Govt. agencies, airports, seaports etc. The Central Government issues this license. It is also to be procured by businesses that have operations in more than one state as well as an annual turnover of more than 20 crores. The duration of the license is between 1 – 5 years.
  • FSSAI Basic registration – Small size food manufacturers require this, storage units, transporters, retailers, wholesalers, marketers, distributors, suppliers etc. This is mostly needed by groups that have an annual turnover of less than 12 lakh. The duration of the license is between 1 – 5 years.

FSSAI license can be applied online for almost all states except for Nagaland. To apply for FSSAI license, the following documents need to be submitted:-

  1. List of directors/ partners/promoters with full address and contact details
  2. Photo ID of the sponsors or the directors of the food business –Aadhaar card, Pan Card and passport size photos. 
  3. Utility bills or rental agreement as an address proof as well as a no-objection certificate from the owner.
  4. Partnership Deed or Certificate of Incorporation as well as the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association
  5. A complete list of food products manufactured or processed or stored by the business entity
  6. The Food safety management system plans, along with the layout of the unit with dimensions.
  7. Name and list of equipment’s equipment’s and machinery installed and horsepower used.
  8. The analysis report of water to be used as an ingredient from a recognized/public health laboratory
  9. Signed and Completed Form B and signed by the directors/promoters/partners or authorized signatory 
  10. Import Export Code for central license especially for businesses that intend to import or export food items
  11. A declaration from a chartered accountant for units with a turnover of more than 18 crores.

What is the Process of Food License in India?

Before we discuss Food License in India, first of all, we have to know what FSSAI is.

FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a consolidating statute which regulates food safety in India. 

In this blog, we will decide the process of online FSSAI License, documents required for FSSAI registration and all other necessary aspects of FSSAI Registration. Let’sLet’s explore the idea and knowledge of FSSAI registration.

What is the FSSAI Registration? 

FSSAI registration is treated as food and safety certificate. Each food business must obtain an FSSAI registration to operate the business. online FSSAI Registration is required for petty food business operators who manufacture or sell any food articles. FSSAI issues FSSAI registration. FSSAI registration is necessary for carrying on activities related to any stage of manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution of food etc. 

Why is the FSSAI Food License required? 

It is compulsory for every Food Business Operator (FBO) involved in the manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution, and sale of food products to obtain FSSAI registration. The primary purpose of FSSAI registration is to create more accountability on the part of FBO and aims to maintain a good quality of the food products. Obtaining FSSAI Food License is mandatory because, in no circumstances, FBO can take a chance with the health of consumers. If you are taking FSSAI registration, then you are protected from many false accusations concerning health and food safety issues. 

Who are exempted from obtaining FSSAI Registration?

Vendors and people related to the home industry are exempted from obtaining FSSAI registration. Petty retailers, temporary stallholders, and itinerant vendors are also exempted from obtaining Food License India

Categories of FSSAI Registration

There are three categories of FSSAI registration which are given below:    

  1. Basic Registration
  2. State Registration
  3. Central Registration
  1. FSSAI Basic Registration – FSSAI Basic Registration is required by the small businesses which have a turnover of less than 12 lakh rupees in a year. So if anyone is starting his business, then it’sits required only the basic FSSAI or Food License Registration. 
  2. FSSAI State License Registration – If anyone has already obtained the FSSAI Basic Registration and cross the turnover of the 12 lakh rupees in a year, but less than 20 Cr. rupees then its require the FSSAI State License Registration.
  3. FSSAI Central License Registration – If anyone is starting an import-export business or wants to supply at the various government department, then that person requires obtaining FSSAI Central License Registration. 
FSSAI Requirements

FSSAI Registration Form

FSSAI Registration contains two types of forms. One is Form A, and another one is From B. 

  Form A

  For necessary FSSAI registration, one has to fulfil Form A

  Under Form, A turnover limit is below 12 lakh in a year

  Form B

  For State, FSSAI License Registration Form B requires to be fulfilled

  Under Form B the turnover limit is above than 12 lakh and less than 20 crore

  Form B

  For Central, FSSAI License Registration Form B has to be fulfilled

  If turnover exceeds Rs 20 crore, then Form B has to be filled up

Benefits of FSSAI Registration

If you are taking FSSAI Registration, then you are entitled to avail certain benefits and list of benefits of FSSAI Registration is given below:

  1. FSSAI Registration increases customer confidence in terms of safety
  2. FSSAI Registration helps in removal of multiple legal regulations
  3. FSSAI Registration helps to promote innovative products
  4. Consumer Awareness
  5. Legal Advantage 
  6. FSSAI Registration helps in a matter of using FSSAI logo
  7. FSSAI Registration also helps in respect of business expansion

What are the Steps for FSSAI Registration?

Anyone who seeks to obtain FSSAI Registration can apply online, and there are several steps prescribed for online FSSAI Registration. The Steps required for online registration are given below:

  1. Visit of websites – For online FSSAI Registration one has to go to the FSSAI site.
  2. Application form – In the Second Stage, the applicant has to fill up application form along with contact details, and after filling up the sign-up Form, a person has to click on the register button. 
  3. Identification of category – Identification of type, as stated above in this blog, is one of the steps for online FSSAI registration. One has to fill the FSSAI application form. Details of business are necessary to determine the category of business. 
  4. Submission of documents – By email Applicant needs to send necessary documents and after the introduction of materials and the same requires to be verified.
  5. Generating inspection details – Any person needs to follow-up with the government department for an update on an application filed for obtaining FSSAI Registration. The government may send back a request for edits. In case of failure to respond with 15 days of the application, the application will be rejected.
  6. Registration certificate – Application for FSSAI registration can be accepted or rejected by the Department within seven days from the date of filing application, and the same has to be intimated to the applicant in writing. After proper verification of the Form, if Authority satisfies then, he/she will issue a 14 digit FSSAI registration, and same will convey to you.

Documents required for FSSAI Registration

For FSSAI registration, certain documents have to be submitted, and list of the documents is given below:

  1. Personal information of the FSSAI Applicant
  2. Copy of PAN card is mandatory as a identity proof
  3. Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card/ Driving License/Passport
  4. The latest Utility Bill( Electricity / Water Bill)
  5. Copy of Rent Agreement( if Rented property)
  6. Copy of property paper (if owned property)
  7. Photo identity of promoters of the food business
  8. List of food products

The Final Chaptor

If you are running a food products Business, then it is mandatory under laws to take registration of your business under FSSAI. As a food business operator, you have to maintain hygiene standards. By taking FSSAI registration, you are protected from many false accusations concerning health and food safety issues.  If you are planning for FSSAI registration, then contact Enterslice to get best and affordable service in a matter of FSSAI registration.

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